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From: rgemma@dectalk.mro.dec.com (Ron Gemma)
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Subject: DECtalk Express repairs
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 17:29:07 -0500

We recently did a survey of returned DECtalk Express units and found
that approximately 40% had nothing wrong with them except for a blown

The fuse is the one associated with the power jack. Normally the only
way to blow the fuse is a faulty power supply or using a power supply of
the wrong voltage and/or polarity. Our experience with the power cube
shipped with the Express is that it is very reliable. That leads us to
the conclusion that our customers are plugging other power supplies into
the Express probably of the wrong polarity and the fuse saves the unit
from destruction. Unfortunately the fuse is not user replaceable.

Please advise your customers to only use the power supply supplied with
the Express. It is manufactured by LZR Technologies, Inc. and the model
number is AD1250R. It provides 12VDC, at 400mA REGULATED with the center
conductor POSITIVE.

Replacement units are available from Digital. The part number is
30-42007-01 and the cost is a reasonable $14. It can be ordered from the
OEM Order Desk, 603-884-0450.

Two other problem areas are being addressed in manufacturing: 

1. The power jack on some units was being broken from its mount when the
mating plug of the power supply was forced into the unit when it was
dropped or otherwise received a sharp blow. We now epoxy the power jack
to the PC card to give it more mechanical strength. 

2. The other problem was the loosening of the screw of the ON/OFF switch
& volume control. We know use a washer and some thread locking liquid to
insure a better and tighter connection.

For those of you that do some of your own repairs the following parts
can be ordered  from electronics suppliers:

	Fuse:	Littlefuse, Pico SMP, Very fast acting, 1 amp, part 		number
F1165CT-ND, available from Digi-Key, 800-344-4539.

	Power Connector: Connector, Power jack, 25mm, PC mount, part 	number
RL16-B, available from LZR Electronics, 301-921-4600.



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