Using access.adobe.com with emacspeak and W3


As a followup to my announcement about access.adobe.com, here is an
Emacspeak/W3 specific tip:

One of the services offered on access.adobe.com is a translation proxy--
if you set your WWW browser to use access.adobe.com as a proxy then any PDF
you visit on the WWW will be automatically presented as HTML.

Using W3, here is what you do to set this up:

a) Place the appended function in your emacs initialization files:

(defun w3-use-access ()
  "Use new faster gatway"
(setq url-proxy-services
  '(("http"     . "access.adobe.com:8080/")
    ("gopher"   . "http-relay:8080/")
    ("ftp"      . "access.adobe.com:8080/")
    ("ftp"      . "access.adobe.com:8080/"))))

and when you want to use the translation proxy execute command
M-x w3-use-access

Enjoy your surfing experience--

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