Getting emacspeak to stop talking

Jen Mankoff writes:

1) What version of Emacspeak are you using?

Older versions ie before 5.0 did have a problem
in that if you had a *very* large list of completions, the speech would not
shut up.

Making Emacspeak speak out an entire buffer --especially
when the buffer is more than a few screenfuls--
is not a good idea.
Emacspeak is rich in commands that let you read the contents in logical
chunks, e.g. by paragraphs please use them.

3) Finally, there is no variable that you need to set to make stop speech
what you are seeing is an artifact of Emacspeak's attempt to chunk up and
speak the content intelligently;
a side effect is that if you shove too much content at it, e.g. a 3000 line
file at one shot, then you'll cause it a lot of pain as you've seen.

Hope this helps--
 > Hi all, 
 > I'm a new emacspeak user, and I really like the software *except* for
 > one problem: when it decides to speak a buffer, nothing I do can stop
 > it (except killing the emacs). I've tried the C-e s (dtk-stop)
 > command, and it doesn't appear to do anything. This is a problem, eg,
 > when I run file-completion on a large buffer. Is there some variable I
 > need to set to tell emacspeak that it should stop talking when
 > interrupted? 
 > thanks
 > 	-jen mankoff
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