Process speaker not running?

Why am I getting this?  I am attempting unsuccessfully to use emacspeak
5.0 on my linux box.  I do not own a dectalk so am trying to build a
driver for the Speakout from GW Micro.  When I test it using TCL or when I
attempt to use a C program modled after Jim Van Zant's d-exp program, I
get reasonable results; more work is yet required but at least they more
less work.  When I try to load up emacspeak, I keep getting the message
"Process speaker not running".  After that, I cannot get out of emacs no
matter what I do.  I usually end up rebooting the system.  Jim told me
recently I could do a c-e followed by a c-s but that doesn't appear to do
me any good subsequent key strokes give me the same damn old thing.  I
have set DTK_PROGRAM to my replacement module for the speakout correctly
in the environment but still to no avail.  I am running out of luck and
patience with this bloody thing.  It sounds so simple but I can't get any
thing worthwhile out of it thus far.  I suppose if I had a dectalk all
this would be moot.  We need compatability to other synthesisers and I
want to do my part but not having good luck so far.

Can anyone help me out? Jim Van Zant has been a good help so far, but I
think I might need more:).

Thanks in advance,
<Steve> Holmes