using info with emacspeak.

hi all,
I'm new to emacspeak and i've got a few questions :)

just a bit about myself: 
not suprisingly i'm blind.  I'm doing a computer science degree at the
university of technology sydney australia.

my question is:
when i use info with emacspeak, the voicification of the buffer seems to
work if i use commands like c-e c-c to read the page.  if i use the arrow
keys to move through the buffer, the menu items are not spoken, normal
text is, but the title of the menu item is not.  the only way i can get
this to talk to me is by using the left and right arrows.  using m-f and
m-b to move over it produces no output.
i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if i'm doing
something wrong.