Re: Process speaker not running?

Yea, I should probably be careful about committing myself like that:) but
I'd be willing to merge or add the mailing list comments and hints into
the existing TeXinfo documentation.  The only hints I've seen lately were
the message you sent a day or two ago about the DTK_TCL environment
variable and the little ditty about the shell script to make a linux
system talk.  Are those the hints you're talking about? or did you send
something else to the list? I haven't seen any other trafic on this list

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, T. V. Raman wrote:

> Steve Holmes writes:
> Well, if you're volunteering to write up the docs and integrate them into the
> emacspeak documentation that is a different story--
> I'd be more than happy to include it in.
>  > Guess I'll have to look for those hints and stuff when they come down the
>  > pipe and if there is anything else out there so far.  I personally feel
>  > this should all be in one place - the emacspeak docs.  If you don't mind,
>  > maybe a little later, I could work that material into the docs to make
>  > them more complete.  There is nothing worse than having to flail about all
>  > over the place scrounging up pieces of documentation to get a complete
>  > picture.  I know, documentation can be the most borring part of
>  > programming but one of those necessary evils; perhaps we can help you out
>  > as long as we don't trip over each other:).
>  > <Steve>
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