getting w3 running under emacspeak

Hi emacspeak users,

I joint emacspeak mailing list yesterday, so it might be that my
question has been answered earlier; if so, sorry in advance.

I have installed emacspeak 6.0 without any problem on my LINUX machine
and it works fine so far I tested. I usually use emacspeak with w3 web
browser. I looked for the newest version of w3 package and I found it

(dated at: Jan 17 1997)

w3 is compiled and run at the top of emacs, however it can not be
loaded at the top of emacspeak. The message file has been attached and
I appreciate if somebody could tell me what the problem could be.  Is
the problem emacspeak or w3? What is the newest version of w3 and
where can I download it?

More information:

* Loading w3 terminates after appearance of the first link in the
default homepage. (WWW_HOME)

* In the past I used emacspeak 3.77. I had the same problem and I got
around it by commenting the line where the variable "w3-face-cache"
occured in the file "emacspeak-w3.el".

Loading w3...
Loading w3-sysdp.el...
Loading w3-sysdp.el...done
Loading  w3-sysdp.el
Loading disp-table...
Loading disp-table...done
Loading w3-sysdp...
Loading w3-sysdp...done
Loading  w3-sysdp
Loading emacspeak-w3...
Loading bytecomp...
Loading bytecomp...done
Loading byte-opt...
Loading byte-opt...done
Loading emacspeak-w3...done
Loading  emacspeak-w3
Loading w3...done
Loading timer...
Loading timer...done
No documents menu found... continuing.
Retrieval complete. [2 times]
Won't do blinking text.
Symbol's value as variable is void: w3-face-cache