Re: emacspeak 6.0 installation

John -

You write:

>3. I ran make config in the /opt/FSFemacs/emacspeak-6.0 directory.
>I get some feedback about missing some functions and cl-hash, but
>nothing terrible.

The sequence should be:
 make config
 make install

The second command generates all the compilation feedback, so I assume
you did that much.  The third step installs the files.  If you want to
install somewhere other than the default locations (/usr/bin,
/usr/info, and so forth), use this sequence instead:

 make config PREFIX=/my/path
 make PREFIX=/my/path
 make install PREFIX=/my/path

>4. I typed tcl dectalk_speak {this is a test} and I got spoken feedback
>from the dectalk.

Okay, tcl must be in your PATH.

>5.  I invoque emacspeak with the following command
>emacs -nw -q -l emacspeak-setup.el

If you do "make install", then you should be able to start it with the
shell script "emacspeak".

>I hear files  being loaded and then a beep after emacspeak-replace, then
>I look at the bottom of the window and  find the following mesage
>process speaker <1>  not running

The only thing I can think of offhand is that some file isn't being
found.  Doing "make install" might help.  Otherwise, do you have
strace installed?  If so, I suggest you try "strace -o logfile -ff
emacspeak", then grep through it looking for stat() calls.

>I think I had a very similar problem when I updated to emacspeak 5.0. I
>think I solved it by using the dtk-exp file that I had been using with
>emacspeak 4.0.

The interface between the elisp code and the driver changed, so the
old dtk-exp would not work anyway.

                                    - Jim Van Zandt