emacspeak 6.0 installation

Morgan, J. MR             DFL writes:

1)  The steps you need to take are

a) unpack the distribution to create directory emacspeak-6.0 and its contents
b) type make config
c) type make

This builds everything.

The warnings about cl-gethash can be ignored.

Your message below is confusing.

Clearly the driver ran correctly both from the shell, and when emacspeak
--otherwise you would not hear messages of the form "loading ...".

My only guess is that you installed emacspeak correctly and then started up
some partially installed version.

And no--  the problem you report has *nothing*
to do with the solaris patch I sent you many months ago--
that patch is part of the driver and fully tested-- and if it weren't working
you would not have gotten this far anyway.


1) Start with a clean state.
2) Do the configure and make steps described above
3) Start up by first changing to the directory where you compiled and typing
emacs -q -l emacspeak-setup.el

You should do a make install *only*
after you confirm that everything works.
This is true of emacspeak and anything else you build on unix.
I would definitely  not recommend blindly typing make install --this only
scatters files all around the system and you will not know what is getting


 > Hello emacspeak users,
 > I am having trouble installing emacspeak 6.0. I have been using
 > emacspeak for a couple of months on a sparc 2 running solaris 2.5. I
 > inherited the sparc 2, so I am not sure if the emacs and lisp
 > directories are in standard places and I am not sure if this might be
 > causing my problems. 
 > Here are the steps I took:
 > 1. I extracted the emacspeak files in the directory /opt/FSFemacs
 > 2.  I replaced  /dev/ttya with /dev/ttyb in the dtk-exp file  because it
 > is more convenient to connect the dectalk to the ttyb port.
 > 3. I ran make config in the /opt/FSFemacs/emacspeak-6.0 directory.
 > I get some feedback about missing some functions and cl-hash, but
 > nothing terrible.
 > 4. I typed tcl dectalk_speak {this is a test} and I got spoken feedback
 > from the dectalk.
 > 5.  I invoque emacspeak with the following command
 > emacs -nw -q -l emacspeak-setup.el
 > I hear files  being loaded and then a beep after emacspeak-replace, then
 > I look at the bottom of the window and  find the following mesage
 > process speaker <1>  not running
 > I think I had a very similar problem when I updated to emacspeak 5.0. I
 > think I solved it by using the dtk-exp file that I had been using with
 > emacspeak 4.0. That file had been modified with help from Raman to work
 > with my solaris 2.5 system. Unfortunately, I destroyed that file. 
 > Thanks, John Morgan

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