Re: emacspeak 6.0 installation

All of what Jim says is correct except for the following clarification:

If you want to install somewhere other than /usr you need supply the PREFIX
only when doing make install
ie the first two steps
make config
are identical irrespective of where you are going to finally install

Once again I would advise against doing a make install until you have
confirmed that things work.


Jim Van Zandt writes:
 > John -
 > You write:
 > >3. I ran make config in the /opt/FSFemacs/emacspeak-6.0 directory.
 > >I get some feedback about missing some functions and cl-hash, but
 > >nothing terrible.
 > The sequence should be:
 >  make config
 >  make
 >  make install
 > The second command generates all the compilation feedback, so I assume
 > you did that much.  The third step installs the files.  If you want to
 > install somewhere other than the default locations (/usr/bin,
 > /usr/info, and so forth), use this sequence instead:
 >  make config PREFIX=/my/path
 >  make PREFIX=/my/path
 >  make install PREFIX=/my/path
 > >4. I typed tcl dectalk_speak {this is a test} and I got spoken feedback
 > >from the dectalk.
 > Okay, tcl must be in your PATH.
 > >5.  I invoque emacspeak with the following command
 > >emacs -nw -q -l emacspeak-setup.el
 > If you do "make install", then you should be able to start it with the
 > shell script "emacspeak".
 > >I hear files  being loaded and then a beep after emacspeak-replace, then
 > >I look at the bottom of the window and  find the following mesage
 > >process speaker <1>  not running
 > The only thing I can think of offhand is that some file isn't being
 > found.  Doing "make install" might help.  Otherwise, do you have
 > strace installed?  If so, I suggest you try "strace -o logfile -ff
 > emacspeak", then grep through it looking for stat() calls.
 > >I think I had a very similar problem when I updated to emacspeak 5.0. I
 > >think I solved it by using the dtk-exp file that I had been using with
 > >emacspeak 4.0.
 > The interface between the elisp code and the driver changed, so the
 > old dtk-exp would not work anyway.
 >                                     - Jim Van Zandt

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