mailing list removal policy

Dear emacspeak list members;

Yesterday I removed two names from the emacspeak mailing list.  In one
case the account no longer existed, in the other case the host machine
has continued to be unreachable for the past few weeks - in both cases
all mail sent to the addresses in question bounced.

I am mentioning this on the list for several reasons:

If you post to the list you may get a notice telling you that some of
the mail was not deliverable, I also get a copy of these notes and
when I see that a person no longer exists or is unreachable at the
address they gave me, I remove them from the list.  I usually wait a
few days (or for a few postings) to make sure that it is not just a
momentary "rip" in the net that they have fallen through, but I do see
the bounced mail and I will remove them.

If your email address changes please let me know - it's a lot easier
and nicer to fix the problem before lots of mail bounces!  

If you stop getting mail from the list and you notice that mail has
gone out to the list (by looking at the archive
http://www.cs.vassar.edu/~priestdo/emacspeak/) then perhaps your site
was unreachable for some reason and I removed you from the list.
Since email is the only way I have of getting in touch with members of
the list I have no way of notifying you that I can no longer send you
email!  If you can send me mail, please let me know that you were on
the list and you want to be put back on it.  

The only times I remove people are when they request to be removed or
when the email address I have for them does not work.  If I remove you
please do not take offense, something must have been preventing your
mail from getting through.  I am happy to add you back in if you just
let me know that you want back in.

I hope this makes my policy clear, 

Greg Priest-Dorman
(wearing my "emacspeak list maintainer" hat)