making progress with w3, but not there yet :)

Bart Bunting writes:

This is weird.

How did emacspeak even start if it cannot later find

Are you sure you did a make config before doing make?

Also, what version of emacs are you running?

Note that Emacs W3 3.x.x will not work with Emacsuns earlier than

This is more due to the widget libraries, but don't even think of
 > running W3 3.0 under Emacs 19.28

 > I have managed to get emacspeak-widget to compile against the widget libraries, the only way i could do this was to create simlinks to them in the /usr/local/emacspeak/ dirrectory.
 > as far as i can tell evrything should be working.
 > when i try to start w3, I get the message:
 > Loading emacspeak-w3...
 > Cannot open load file: emacspeak-load-path
 > can anyone explain this?
 > thanks again,
 > Bart.

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