1) This is not specific  to your environment

2) This is also not specific to the diary.

When you save a buffer in emacs,
the command that gets executed is save-buffer.
This function outputs three kinds of messages:

a) "No changes need to be saved"
b) "Saving file foo ... done"
c) "Wrote foo."

Of the above, (a) and (b)
are produced by calling function 'message' at the lisp level,
and as a consequence the message will be spoken when emacspeak is
(c) is produced directly by the underlying C code in emacs,
and so though the message shows up in the *Message* buffer, emacspeak
never sees it.

The reason why (c) gets produced directly from C is probably more
historical than anything else.

The reason I've never been bothered by this is that save-buffer always
produces an auditory ion
when saving --so I always get feedback.
I guess it can be disconcerting though if you dont have auditory icons
turned on.

For now do the following in your environment to get spoken feedback in
this situation
--I'll have a more permanent solution in 7.0

In your .emacs add the following lines:

(add-hook 'after-save-hook
(function (lambda ()
(message "Wrote %s"
(buffer-file-name )))))

Greg E. Priest-Dorman writes:
 > When in diary mode the command C-x C-s does save, but no message is
 > spoken.  The message does exist in the *Message* buffer.  If I save
 > again (withoug changes), I do hear "(No Changes Need To Be Saved)".
 > If I change the buffer the behavior reoccurs. 
 > Any ideas what is happening?
 > Is this peculiar to my setup?
 > --
 >  Greg Priest-Dorman
 >  priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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