Slackware packages for Emacspeak 6.0

I have uploaded Slackware binary and source code packages for
Emacspeak 6.0 and my DoubleTalk LT driver.  The DoubleTalk driver now
handles version 6.0 of emacspeak, and previous versions as well.

The packages should appear in the "contrib" directory.  They do not
have version numbers.  You can recognize them by their dates - June 1
or later.

Like the Debian and Red Hat packages, this package includes an HTML
version of the Emacspeak manual.  You can find it in

Note that awk is needed to configure Emacspeak, so you should get that
installed and configured before trying to install Emacspeak.  Copy the
packages onto the machine with ftp or whatever.  If you use a DOS
floppy, please rename the files before installing.  (Otherwise the
package records in /var/adm/package* will record the wrong package
name.)  You may install and configure them as follows:

    installpkg emacspeak
    installpkg emacspeak-dt

If you are using a DECtalk, omit the second command.  

I compiled these with emacs 19.34, which is included in Slackware 3.2
(just released).  I'm not sure whether they will work with earlier
versions of emacs.  The widget support (used by the w3 mode) in
particular probably needs emacs 19.34.  You will also need to
download, compile, and install w3 yourself.  You can get it from


The "stable" version of w3 is 2.2.26.  However, that does not include
widget.el among other things.  You will need the "beta" version,
currently 3.0.86.

                              - Jim Van Zandt