don't know what's up

Hello all,

the linux box i am using has emacspeak 6.0 and a dectalk 3.1.

1. the dectalk takes a long time to respond to C-e s, so long in fact,
that i often have to go away and do something else and turn the volume
down on the dectalk and then maybe when i come back, it's stopped talking.

the most notable instances of this behavior, although it happens quite
often, are after pressing C-h C-e and after entering info. as there is
a hint near the top of the C-h C-e output to stop the dectalk and use
the arrow keys, I assume that C-e s ought to stop the speech output
fairly soon after being pressed. entering any node in info causes the
whole node to be read and again C-e s takes far too much time to

2. when editing the `dir' file (to add some new menu choices),
emacspeak, upon encountering that control char that indicates the
beginning of the node, refused to emit anything that was
understandable english. there was sound, but not coherent sound. even
exiting emacs and restarting emacs did not solve this problem. to
again here english, i had to reboot.

as the first problem above makes finding out more about emacspeak and
other things (such as how terminal mode works (since Brian Seldon
pointed out to me that that is how i should do telnetting and such
things)) extremely frustrating if not impossible. The effect is to
reduce the usability of emacspeak, as currently set up, to almost
zero. many people are using emacspeak and from what i can tell, like
it very much. therefore, i conclude that i have missed something very
obvious in using emacspeak or the dectalk i am using is hopelessly
unable to cope with much of what emacspeak is sending to it.

does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what i can do?

thanks much,