Re: xemacs and emacspeak.

Bart Bunting <bart@socs.uts.EDU.AU> writes:
>i've been trying for a while now to get emacspeak to compile with
>Xemacs 19.15.  I am using debian, and Xemacs is under the dirrectory
>it was installed in by debian.  when i run the compile, i get a stack
>of errors like this:

You do realize that there is a Debian package for Emacspeak?  (I
maintain it.)  However, I use it only with GNU emacs, and it may well
not work with XEmacs.  I don't see your problem when I compile under
GNU emacs.

Incidently, what version of emacspeak are you trying to compile?  
If you are using a Debian package, I suggest you try the virgin
sources instead.  (That is, do not apply the Debian patch file.)
The files will not be under control of the package manager.  However,
if you prefer XEmacs this may be the better choice.

Have you tried Emacspeak with GNU emacs?

                             - Jim Van Zandt