quitting out of emacspeak-tabulate-regeon buffer.

Bart Bunting writes:
 Your message below makes little sense.
 > when you use c-e tab to view a table is there any other way of
 quitting except c-k?
 What do you mean "quitting except C-k"
 for one thing C-k does not quit anything.
 Secondly, when you hit C-e tab to view a table, you are placed in a
 special buffer
 with the table in it, and you can switch buffers as you can within
 the rest of emacs.
 > wouldn't it be nicer to be able to just use q for quit?
 > is there a reason that this isn't used, or is it just not implemented?
 > just a thought, I try not to have them too often :).
 > Bart

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