Remote Emacspeak

I wrote a help request a few days ago because I couldn't get emacspeak
running remotely.  Thought everybody would like to know that it is now
running and working beautifully.  Thanks to Raman and to Hadi Bargi
Rangin and Mark Preddy.

The problem is that my local machine uses ttyS1 for the DEC Express.
The default value in dtk-exp is ttyS0 for Linux.  I was able to solve
the problem (using Raman's remote emacspeak instructions with no
alteration apart from putting in the names of my machines and paths)
by editing dtk-exp on the local machine to point to ttyS1 by default.
raman may want to find a more beautiful solution, but this one does

I also would like to point out for UNIX-impaired people such as I that
it is not necessary to access emacspeak remotely by running emacspeak
locally and accessing the remote machine with eterm.  If your major
purpose is running emacspeak on the remote machine, you can rlogin
from the local machine.  Then there's no confusion about what is local
and what is remote.  Everything is remote.  Maybe that's obvious to
everybody else on this list, but it wasn't to me until Hadi showed it
to me.

John Gardner