Remote Emacspeak

I did implement a second solution for remote emacspeak use that will be part
of 7.0.

This was because though I could use the rsh based solution at work while
working on different machines,
the way our network is setup, I could not rsh to/from my home machine and the
rest of our network.

So 7.0 will have a second solution to the remote
emacspeak --and you'll be able to choose between one or the other.

If the rsh based approach works for you, that is still the easiest;
but the new alternative is more powerful and versatile.

Basically, you start up a speech server on the local machine,
and on the remote machine tell emacspeak the hostname and IP port of the
machine where the speech server is running. This is very similar to the X
windows environment where you run an X server on your local machine and set
the DISPLAY on the remote machine to point to your local desktop.

Just one of the many many things that will be part of Emacspeak 98 --the
Holiday FunPack-

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