silent messages - revisited

Okay--I understand.
The reason you hit the first of the two problems is easy to explain-- I never
use Esc-$ (ispell-spell-word ) which is why I didn't get affected.

I'll fix the problem for the 7.0 release.

The second question --have emacspeak repeat the ispell choices --is a little

Ispell is one of the few emacs lisp packages that is not as modular as one
would wish for emacspeak to do this.
The reason is probably one of "ispell needed to be the way it is for
efficiency once upon a time"
but the end result from the emacspeak perspective is that all the action
happens inside a fairly large function which makes it hard to advice ispell at
the right level of granularity.
I might fix this someday if it gets too irritating.

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