Emacspeak-98 --Interactive Accessibility Provides Speech-Enabled WebTop

                       Announcing Emacspeak-98

For Immediate Release:

San Jose, Calif.,  (November 13, 1997)   Emacspeak-98 is now available.
Interactive Accessibility Provides Speech-Enabled WebTop

About Emacspeak:

Emacspeak is a fully functional audio desktop that
provides complete eyes-free access to all major open
32 and 64 bit operating systems.  By seamlessly
blending all aspects of the Internet such as
Web-surfing and electronic messaging into the audio
desktop, Emacspeak enables speech access to local
and remote information with a consistent and
well-integrated user interface.

Major Enhancements:

1) Usability enhancements including:
        a) Smart prefix recognition
        b) Flexible customization of  dictionaries
        c) Pause and resume
        d) Lazy voice-lock for  faster audio formatting
        e)  Enhanced outline support
2) Support for games including  gomoku and tetris.
3) Better support for running remote sessions.
4) Supports many additional major modes.
+ Preliminary support for  the recently released Emacs 20.


Emacspeak-98 (Labrador) is a major upgrade to the
speech output extension to Emacs.  Emacspeak-95 (code
named Illinois) was released on the Internet in May
1995 as the first complete speech interface to UNIX
workstations.  The subsequent release, Emacspeak-96
(code named Egypt) made available in May 1996 provided
significant enhancements to the interface. Emacspeak-97
(Tennessee) went further in providing a true audio
desktop.  Emacspeak-98 goes further by
integratingInternetWorking into all aspects of the
audio desktop to provide the first fully interactive
speech-enabled WebTop.

Obtaining Emacspeak:

Visit Emacspeak at http://cs.cornell.edu/home/raman
--You can also pick up emacspeak via anonymous ftp from
You can subscribe to the emacspeak mailing list
<emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu> by sending mail to the list
owner greg e. priest-dorman <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu>.
Based at Cornell (NY)
<http://cs.cornell.edu/home/raman> --home to some of
the most innovative auditory interfaces on the WWW--
Emacspeak is mirrored world-wide by an international
netwrok of software archives.  The Emacspeak mailing
list is archived at
--thanks to Greg Priest-Dorman.

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