speech server fixed using tcl74

Bart Bunting writes:

First off, since you are talking of a version released two
days ago, 
you should be a little clearer in your terminology so you
dont confuse those who haven't gotten around to upgrading.

Note that Bart is specifically referring to the new
Emacspeak-7.0 feature of running remote speech servers.
 > switching versions from tcl75 and tclx75 to tcl75 and tclx74 seems to have fixed my problem.

Clearly the tcl folks changed something--
since you have the newer versions of TCL installed, perhaps
you could find out what. > 
 > the speech server works fine now.
As it should.
 > do i have to do anything special to get the auditory
icons working remotely?  at the moment using c-e c-a says
'turned on auditory icons locally'

1) You need to turn on auditory icons in the remote session.
--after all that is the one that is requesting the icons.
2) At present the value of emacspeak-sound-dir
in the remote session is what specifies where the sounds are
to be found--
so if the locations differ in the local and remote
installations the auditory icons wont work.

Just make sure that the sounds are found in a consistent
place on both installations.
 > but there is no sound.
 > one other thing.
 > can the speech server handle multiple connections?  I've only been able to get it working with one emacspeak.  I'd really like to use the one server for multiple emacspeak session running on different machines.
 > can this be done or am i dreaming?
You're definitely dreaming. It's a miracle (well, just
elegant coding on my part)
that you are able to have local and remote emacspeak
sessions share the dectalk without each dying a horrible
death --if you dont believe me, try a couple of commercial
screenreaders running simultaneously with a single speech
and so no, each speech server instance will handle only one
connection cleanly for now.

This said, there is no real loss in starting multiple speech
servers on a single machine listening on different ports
--the server is after all a tcl process which is
light-weight and if your tcl is using shared libraries you
wont even take a memory hit.> 
 > TIA
 > Bart
P.S. go play tetris for a while.

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