emacspeak 7.0 emacs 20.2 and w3 4.0 pre8

Bart Bunting writes:
You'll get this error if you compiled emacspeak-widget.el
either with an emacs-19.34 or 
if you compiled it against an older widget library
e.g. something that came with earlier W3.

To be sure emacspeak-widget.el is compiling against the
right widget library,
rm emacspeak-widget.elc
make emacspeak-widget.elc EMACS=emacs-20
(or whatever else emacs-20 is called on your system)
and watch the messages from the compile to see where it is
getting widget from.
 > i've had no success geting w3 going under emacs 20.2.
 > when i try to use w3-open-local this is the error I get.
 > does anyone know is this a problem specific to my setup or is it something that others are experiencing.
 > this is what i get in my messages buffer.
 > Loading w3 (compiled)...
 > Loading emacspeak-widget (compiled)...
 > Loading emacspeak-widget (compiled)...done
 > Invalid function: (macro . #[(charset &optional c1 c2) "<'
 > -- 
 > *wave*
 > Bart
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 > |Bart Bunting            |       <bart@socs.uts.edu.au>              |
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