Misconfiguration of Emacspeak 6.0


I am running the subject version of Emacspeak on a Slackware machine,
using either the Doubletalk or the BNS driver, depending on what I'm
testing.  After much trial and error, I have a working system, but
still have some misconfigurations.  Perhaps, you readers can help?

When using W3, there are often web pages accompanied by an error about
undefined RGB values.  I'm using the "rgb.txt" that was part of my
'emacs-19.34.no-x.elf" Emacs archive.  In some cases, the page
displays anyway.  In others, the error seems fatal.  Do I need an
updated "rgb.txt"?  Do I modify the function

When attempting to use the 'c-e c-r' combination to bring up a
terminal session, I always get the message "symbol's function value is
voide- copy-face'.  To what should this be bound?  It seems I'm
missing a function.

If I start a terminal session by doing 'm-x term <ret>', No output is
ever spoken.  I'm not sure whether the process is taking my input,
either.  I have a feeling this is related to my problem with Shell
mode.  When running an FTP session, for instance, None of the
command's output is spoken.  When reading the shell buffer, I notice
my input, but not the FTP command's output.  There isn't even a way to
tell when the transfer is complete.  I've tried selecting "show
maximum output", "one window", etc.  Nothing works.  Why just the FTP
command?  The output of "make" scripts, directory listings, irc
sessions, pings, and so on is, excepting for some well-known
handshaking problems with the speech device, spoken.

This brings me to my final issue; that is, with Gnus.  Under some
conditions I don't quite understand, this program, or Emacspeak's
support for it, raises a fatal error involving the value of the symbol
'face-list'.  I've not known the error to happen when, either Gnus is
the first thing started, or when Rmail is running.  Is this a clue?  I
have other problems with Gnus, but they don't involve the presence of
Emacspeak, so, I'll direct those elsewhere.

The Emacspeak approach to this Linux machine shows such great promise,
that, in spite of the numerous errors, I'm still a convert!  Try doing
any serious editing with a BNS running Brlterm:).  With the help of
those on this list, I should soon have an Emacspeak workstation
working as best it can be.


Dave Hunt, Customer Service Representative,
The Internet Access Company, Inc.
Home: 617-923-240y7
Email:  dave@dahunt.tiac.net