Misconfiguration of Emacspeak 6.0

Dave Hunt writes:
 > Greetings!
 > I am running the subject version of Emacspeak on a
 > Slackware machine,
First of all upgrade to 7.0--
I'm not going to support 6.0 now that 7.0 is out.
 > using either the Doubletalk or the BNS driver, depending on what I'm
 > testing.  After much trial and error, I have a working system, but
 > still have some misconfigurations.  Perhaps, you readers can help?
 > When using W3, there are often web pages accompanied by
 > an error about

Submit W3 bugs especially things like color spaces to the W3 list.
 > undefined RGB values.  I'm using the "rgb.txt" that was part of my
 > 'emacs-19.34.no-x.elf" Emacs archive.  In some cases, the page
 > displays anyway.  In others, the error seems fatal.  Do I need an
 > updated "rgb.txt"?  Do I modify the function
 > "font-lookup-rgb-components"?
 > When attempting to use the 'c-e c-r' combination to bring up a
 > terminal session, I always get the message "symbol's function value is
 > voide- copy-face'.  To what should this be bound?  It seems I'm
 > missing a function.

You are probably running an older emacs with newer libraries
--perhaps some dragged along by W3.

If you are using any version of W3 later than 3.086, first
upgrade to emacs 20.2
 > If I start a terminal session by doing 'm-x term <ret>', No output is
 > ever spoken.  I'm not sure whether the process is taking
 > my input,
Could be one of:

1) a   problem with your speech server
2) did the terminal start up at all --perhaps it didn't
because of the previous error

 > either.  I have a feeling this is related to my problem with Shell
 > mode.  When running an FTP session, for instance, None of the
 > command's output is spoken.  When reading the shell
 > buffer, I notice
You may have comint autospeak turned off see C-e C-q and the
  online documentation on emacspeak-comint-toggle-autospeak
 > my input, but not the FTP command's output.  There isn't even a way to
 > tell when the transfer is complete.  I've tried selecting
 > "show
If the output is not appearing in the shell buffer at all
then your comint mode is misconfigured and this is not an
  emacspeak problem.
 > maximum output", "one window", etc.  Nothing works.  Why just the FTP
 > command?  The output of "make" scripts, directory listings, irc
 > sessions, pings, and so on is, excepting for some well-known
 > handshaking problems with the speech device, spoken.
 > This brings me to my final issue; that is, with Gnus.  Under some
 > conditions I don't quite understand, this program, or Emacspeak's
 > support for it, raises a fatal error involving the value of the symbol
 > 'face-list'.  I've not known the error to happen when, either Gnus is
 > the first thing started, or when Rmail is running.  Is
 > this a clue?  I

Again this is symptomatic of conflicting libraries --
gnus in emacs 19.3x drags along some libraries which get
duplicated by W3 pulling along newer ones.
Just upgrade to emacs20.
 > have other problems with Gnus, but they don't involve the presence of
 > Emacspeak, so, I'll direct those elsewhere.
Neither is the above related to emacspeak.
 > The Emacspeak approach to this Linux machine shows such great promise,
 > that, in spite of the numerous errors, I'm still a convert!  Try doing
 > any serious editing with a BNS running Brlterm:).  With the help of
 > those on this list, I should soon have an Emacspeak workstation
 > working as best it can be.
Wish you luck.
 > YOurs,
 > ]
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 > The Internet Access Company, Inc.
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