speech server and loosing speech

1) Killing remote speech server--

Assuming you are using C-e for the local emacspeak prefix
and C-r for the remote prefix:

If you type C-r C-s at the remote session, it will kill and
restart its speech server which will result in the remote
server quitting.

2) When switching between the local and remote sessions,
   make sure the unit has stopped talking before you switch
   --press stop explicitly.

This is important when switching from the remote to local
session -- because the remote session does not in fact know
you switched, and will end up grabbing an index mark meant
for the local guy or vice versa.

3) If you do end up getting things confused and find the
   remote session is not talking,
switch to the local session and restart its server --press
   c-e c-s --this will get the remote end unwedged.

Alternatively power-cycle the dectalk.


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