Re: Synthesizers supported

In message <199711221847.MAA40516@aptnames.austin.ibm.com>, Christopher J Chalt
ain writes:
>I saw in a recent note that the BnS was supported as a speech synthesizer for
>Emacspeak.  I wasn wondering what other synthesizers are supported.  I'm
>particularly interested in the Accent SA, Keynote Gold and Echo PC.  
>How do I get the support for any of these synthesizers (including the BnS)?  

Besides the DECtalk, there are only two other families of synthesizers
supported so far.  The "emacspeak-dt" package supports the DoubleTalk
PC, DoubleTalk LT, and LiteTalk.  The (alpha test) "emacspeak-bs"
package supports the Braille 'n Speak, Braille Lite, and Type 'n
Speak.  Those two packages are compatible with Emacspeak 6.0 only.  I
am working on upgrading them.  You can download them from:

For other synthesizers, I need programming documentation, and willing
and able beta testers.

                               - Jim Van Zandt