Week 1

  • Introductions
  • Students want to add… Are there seats available?
  • Syllabus

  • Yesterday, #COBOL was trending on twitter for a while. Why?

  • Coaches for this semester
    • Amy O'Connell, Daniel Melody, Hannah Mittman
    • Our first lab is next Tuesday, designed to reacquaint you with Racket
    • Coaching hours will be posted next week



  • Read chapter 1, sections 1.1 - 1.4
    • try exercise 1.4.2 (3) (we may not get that far in class today)
      • Write the truth table and create a Venn diagram that shows the answer too, similar to Fig. 1.3.
      • I will collect your answers on Tuesday, so be sure to put your name down on the paper.