Week 2

  • Attendance

  • Office hours poll
    • Tue/Thu afternoons?
      • a) 1-3pm
      • b) 2-4pm
      • c) 3-5pm
      • d) 4-6pm

  • Questions from lab?
    • we will finish up Lab 1 before we begin Lab 2

Arithmetic is Computing

  • lecture1.pdf

The Design Recipe

Computation versus Programming

  • lecture2.pdf
  • Code – note: to view this file you need to save it on your computer and open it in DrRacket
  • Attendance
    • welcome to students who added since our last class!
    • any more volunteers from section 56 to attend the lab for section 57?

  • Coaches
    • Four confirmed so far:
      • section 56: JoJo and Samira
      • section 57: Cameron, Joseph
      • hopefully a couple more will be confirmed soon!
    • will begin holding office hours (see the sidebar for the schedule)
      • make up Lab 1 for recent adds
      • commit/push Lab 1 for those who still need to
    • practice active reading
      • ask coaches questions about the readings, or anything in the course
    • don't forget my office hours :-)

  • Office hours Zoom (different from lectures/labs)

  • DrRacket is the IDE we're using (Racket is the command line tool—different)

  • Lecture 1 (resume with slide 16)

The Design Recipe

Conditional expressions / Helper functions

Lab today – after some lecture

  • Don't begin until after we finish the lecture
  • Lab 2 Making the Grade