Herbert and me at ISWC 2007

In both videos you can see the dual holster. I am also using the ntsc version of the M1.

Perhaps it should be called “Old Scientist without enough sleep”. When I was at ISWC 2007 in Boston I had a chat with Phil McKenna of New Scientist Magazine. I am the third person interviewed in the video and at the end of the written article archived at www.newscientist.com will your next computer be wearable. It was Friday, I had had almost 5 hours sleep since Monday. Thankfully Herbert was whispering a few helpful hints in my ear.

Earlier that day a film crew from NECN was walking around and asking questions. I am not seeing a direct link to their coverage, but you can find it by searching their video coverage for "wearable".

Aug. 2008 Circuit Cellar

While not specificaly about herbert, the chorder I use is the jumping off point for an Above the Ground Plane column by Ed Nisley in the Aug. 2008 Circuit Cellar

Hak5 Interview CES 2012

While at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas of 2012 I met the folks from Hak5 and we had a nice chat. At the time I was wearing the hacked chromebook based wearable “gerbert”. Hak5 interview on Youtube

Project Glass Prescription Prototype

When Project Glass (where I now work) went public with a prescription frame prototype of Glass, they used a picure of me. Here is one of many locations covering that event : Ars Technica coverage of prescription Glass frames .