Timeline of Herbert

herb one in 1997 herb three in 1999 charmerino in 2000 herb seven in 2008 gerbert in 20131)

Most of my wearables pages are about the changes and modifications I have made over the years.  I noticed that it gives the impression I am constantly changing things. On this page you can see just how long particular rigs were or have been in use.2)

BuiltWorn3)key Name/web link & base board or box  Distro  Weight4)
1986 2+y L/R NEC Multispeed as a reading machine Dos 13/15
1988 6y C/R Radio Shack Mod 100 as reading Machine TS-DOS 3/6
1994 4y C/S Herbert (I) Gateway Handbook 486 DX2/50 Slackware  3/5
1998 1y E/R Herbert II  pent. 166 CardPC on pc104 and Herbert III repackage of Herbert II Debian  4/6
1999 6y E/Rcharmit and Herbert IV aka charmerino  Jumptec Mops LCD6  pc104  Nanix5) and Debian  2/5
2005E/N Herbert V  geode then Xscale  pc104  Debian  2/
2005 1y6) E/Q Herbert VI  Transmeta Crusoe dedicated small board  Debian  2/4
2007 5y+7) U/R Herbert VII Sony UX  lubuntu  2/4
2008 3mon8)  C/R Herbert VIII Asus eeepc eeeXubuntu  2/5
2012 3mon C/Q/R Gerbert - heavily hacked chromebook (atom) lxde on modified ubuntu 10.10 1/2
2012 5mon P/R Herbette - Galaxy Nexus lxde on minimal ubuntu 12.04 on Android
2012 Current A Project Glass Ubuntu on Glass undisclosed
A Active Q Runs but board is a bit quirky
C Commercial SubNote R Retired (still runs)
E Embedded S Several Systems Failed
L Commercial Laptop U UMPC 
N Returned Board P Phone 

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Photo by Max Braun
While from 1976 on I used and made a variety of body worn electronic devices, they were not computers until 1986 and so are not listed here
Many of these devices ran for quite a while after (or before) they where used as wearables, time listed is only time they were being used while worn.
Weight rounded up to nearest pound. First figure is the computer by itself, second includes any external batteries and I/0 devices (chorders, headphones, mic, HMD, hardwear speech, gps, sensors)
Nanix was InfoCharm's/Charmed Technology's Linux for wearables
In 2006 I had major spinal surgery and did not wear again until Jan. 2007
Still going!
Since the Sony came back from the shop I only occasionally wear the eeepc