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Re: Where to start coding for Emacspeak?

Hello Christian,

Christian Gerhardt <Christian_Gerhardt@t-online.de> writes:

> I would like to use a specific program with emacspeak, which isn't
> speech enabled at the moment.  My question is, where may I find
> information how to build the interface between emacspeak and this
> program. Is there any good document I should read about that topic or
> is the only documentation about it contained in the lisp code of
> emacspeak? Anybody on this list who would share

I am not aware of any particular document that would lead one in the
right direction except for the source code of other modes.  I have done
some work with emacspeak-gnus.el and emacspeak-w3m.el that might allow
me to help you a bit.

What mode are you wanting to integrate, if I might ask?

> is knowledge about this topic with me, please?

If you mean "Do I have the ability to code the glue between my
particular emacs mode and emacspeak, then I would say yes, provided you
want to learn a bit of elisp and provide as much help to the list in
asking questions as they provide to you in answering them.  

One thing you _must_ know is that a _lot_ depends on your attitude.  If
you come here with humility in asking your questions and show that you
have at least looked for the answer yourself, then most everyone on the
list will be more than happy to help.  At least, that has been my
experience.  If you come here with arrogance and an attitude of
entitlement as concerns the time of others, then you will find people
here will quickly tune you out.

> Thank you all!

You are welcome,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

You know you're a little fat if you have stretch marks on your car.
		-- Cyrus, Chicago Reader 1/22/82

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