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Re: emacspeak-rss-browse

"Robert J. Chassell" <bob@rattlesnake.com> writes:

> So your update command said that nothing in your repository had to be
> changed.  Evidently, it did not Modify or Update anything.  That makes
> sense since W3 changes seldom.

I had assumed that things were OK.  The reason I started asking
questions was that Dr. Raman mentioned that w3 had been updated in the
last couple of weeks, IIRC,.  I could not remember the last time I ran
the cvs command and got updates.  

The version number I get from the w3-version variable is this:

"WWW p4.0pre.47 2001/10/01"

but I assume from that output that the version number has not been
incremented in a while.

> Finally, I discovered why your checkout command behaves like update.

Good to know.  Thanks.

> Emacspeak works with w3, too, although the command pushes the text 46
> columns to the right.

I think this might be an issue with the css being used.  I don't get
that problem but I have w3-honor-stylesheets set to nil and my default.css
file has the margin-left of the li tag set to 0.5, which seems to be the

Thanks for your help,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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