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emacspeak and emacs 22 GTK bug?

Hi Raman,

I've updated to a later version of emacs 22 GTK version (from 1st May) and I'm
still getting the same problem. However, I have noticed something else a little
odd. I was wondering if you could check the version you have to see if it is
the same. 

After starting emacs 22 GTK version with emacspeak loaded, if I do a describe
function on view-file, it does not mention anything about the function being
advised. However, if I do an apropos for view-file, there is a
ad-Orig-view-file entry. 

If I do the same thing with the non-GTK version, the describe function returns
the expected note at the end about the function being advised by emacspeak. So,
it looks like something is not right as they should both report exactly the
same thing. 

Note that view-file works fine until you load another piece of advice on that
function. Then you get the max-lisp-eval-depth exceeded error. This does not
occur with the non-GTK version. 

In my case, this problem arises with my txutils package as it defines some
advice on view-file. Note that there are no issues if I load my package without
emacspeak. It is only when the two are loaded the error occurs. 

Could you start emacs 22 GTK version and just have a look at the describe
function for view-file and see if it reports that the function has been
advised. If it doesn't, then we either have an issue with emacspeak or with the
GTK version of emacs. 



P.S. I have also setup an old box and am using this for testing. I'm not
loading any other packages apart from emacspeak and my txutils utility. This is
to eliminate the chance of the problem being due to some unexpected interaction
with another package that is being loaded. I'm trying to get things down to a
bare minimum. 
Tim Cross

There are two types of people in IT - those who do not manage what they 
understand and those who do not understand what they manage.

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