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Re: emacspeak - espeak - redhat enterprise lnux

Don Raikes writes ("Re: emacspeak - espeak - redhat enterprise lnux"):
> Now I have another problem:
> when I type emacspeak -e, emacs starts, but all I get is a beep, and I am 
> unable to unload emacs with c-x c-c. In fact I can't do anything in
emacs at 

First, try if your espeak binary works:

espeak "Hello world"

If this does not say anything, you propbably have a sound playback
problem. If it works, try to run the espeak server outside emacspeak.
Goto the "servers" directory and run


It should say "espeak".

Then you can try to enter something like

tts_say {Hello World}

Please try the above and report the results.

Best regards, Lukas

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