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Re: [emacspeak The Complete Audio Desktop] In Praise Of The Google Search AJAX API

if you find out the equivalent of complete-with-action in emacs
22, let me know. 
I thought that that feature existed in 22.

>>>>> "Lukas" == Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:
    Lukas> Hi Raman, as far as I can tell, gweb-google-at-point
    Lukas> only wirks in emacs 23. Two reasons I could determine
    Lukas> are that the "def" argument to completing-read cannot
    Lukas> be a list of defaults in emacs 22 and that there is no
    Lukas> complete-with-action in emacs 22. Otherwise, the
    Lukas> feature is really nifty and works great in emacs 23.
    Lukas> Best regards, Lukas
    Lukas> T. V. Raman writes ("[emacspeak The Complete Audio
    Lukas> Desktop] In Praise Of The Google Search AJAX API"):
    >> In Praise Of The Google AJAX Search API Emacspeak has
    >> always provided Google Search with a single keystroke from
    >> anywhere on the audio desktop. But with the coming of the
    >> Google AJAX Search API it becomes possible to integrate
    >> Google Search at a far deeper level into your fingertips!
    >> The AJAX API demonstrates the true speed of Google Search,
    >> since you dont need to wait for an HTML page to download
    >> and render --- results are served as a light-weight JSON
    >> data structure.  What You Can Now Do Module gsearch (part
    >> of the g-client package) provides an interactive command
    >> gsearch-google-at-point --- I have this bound to key
    >> hyper-/ in Emacs. Executing this command from anywhere
    >> inside Emacs does the following:
    >> - Grabs word under point, and prompts in the minibuffer
    >> for a search-term --- with the word we just grabbed as the
    >> default.  - Fetches other relevant search terms in the
    >> background via Google Suggest, and makes these available
    >> via Emacs' minibuffer history mechanism. Use keys M-n and
    >> M-p to cycle through these if needed.  - Hitting ENTER
    >> performs a Google Search using the AJAX API, and displays
    >> the title and content snippet for the first search result.
    >> - Executing command gsearch-google-at-point subsequently
    >> at the same location opens the first search result.
    >> Search And Enjoy!
    >> --
    >> Posted By T. V. Raman to emacspeak The Complete Audio
    >> Desktop at 8/14/2008 04:51:00 PM
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