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Dr. Raman in the New York Times

Hi Robert
How appropriate to receive your letter directing us to the New York
Times  article about  Raman, just after hearing a programme on VBC  marking the
200th anniversary of Louis Braille.

Thanks very muuch for the pointer to this article. There is one
question I have asked several blind individuals on  various lists,
without getting a clear answer. From the NYT article it appears that
Raman might be able to supply an answer since he lost his sight in his

Question: would it be possible for me to learn Braille at the age of
65? I lost my sight due to glaucoma and cataracts over the last 12
years; sufficient time to get Emacspeak running. My attempts to use
Braille watches have been rather discouraging so I'd rather not waste
time on a fruitless venture  but  improve my familiarity   with
Emacs Lisp instead.  Maybe I'll really figure out   how the whole amazing Audio Desktop of Raman works.

Finally wishing all Emacspeakers, a very bright and happy 2009,


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