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Distro List 2009

Looking around the Internet I see a beautifully done list of
distributions that include and support emacspeak, but it is quite
dated as it was done in 2001.

1) Is there a Live Linux Distro that has all the files for emacspeak
installed so I can finally see it work!
2) Is there a regular distro that has emacspeak installed in it working?

Or - is there a distro that has no problems with emacspeak.

If there is such, anyone who would post a link to the iso file, it
would be greatly helpful.

I put Ubuntu on my computer because it was popular - but I could
install another distribution inside Ubuntu by using Virtual Box.  I
have the fabulous INX - "INX is Nott X" - command line distro
installed that way.  But it is Ubuntu based - but it based on Ubuntu
8.04, so maybe this will work!

I've searched this lists archives and I find many questions like this
- but often the answers give links which are no longer active.

I'm a good searcher - but I just don't seem to find the answers -
maybe this question will help others also.

Happy 2009

David Ring
Green Harbor, MA

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