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Installing IBM TTS - Voxin Install Error and a Suggestion!

I'm still getting this error:

install  -m 644 js/*.js  js/jsl.conf js/Makefile
install -d /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers
install -d /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/python
install -d /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/httpd
install  -m 644 servers/httpd/tts.tcl
install: cannot stat `servers/httpd/tts.tcl': No such file or directory
make: *** [install] Error 1

Earlier in the installation of Voxin, it asks me to confirm that
Press the y key if your EMACSPEAK_DIR variable is equal to:

Should I be changing this to /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak

Or should I be editing the Voxin install script to change the
directories above?  Or should I put symbolic links to each of the
emacs21, emacs22 directories?

Also a suggestion - if anyone has just installed emacspeak and made it
work - and they haven't put any "passwords" or "documents" or personal
files in their system, maybe they'd consider making an iso of the file
system so that others - particularly those who have difficulty getting
emacspeak to work, can get a system up and running.

I'm guessing that even if it didn't work on everyone's computer,
they'd have a more likely chance to get it working by recompiling and
installing the emacspeak files on top of what was in the iso file.

I'm sure that space on ibiblio's server (or other) could be had.  I
just look at the vast number of unfinished attempts to make a linux
distribution for the blind that have been abandoned in various stages
of completion, but then seeing emacspeak which works but no one has a
distribution that includes a working version.  It is a perfect recipe
for frustration I think.

Do any of the self-booting CD distro's have a working copy of emacspeak -

GRML doesn't have it but it does have speech-dispatcher installed
Operator 3.3 doesn't have it http://www.ussysadmin.com/operator/
Jupiter doesn't have emacspeak http://eklhad.net/linux/jupiter/
INSERT does not http://www.inside-security.de/insert_en.html
System Rescue CD does not - but it has speakup software synthesizer
Talking Linux for the Blind - TLB doesn't have it: http://www.ipsis.hr/gls/
ORALUX - probably the best project - doesn't have it
http://www.oralux.org/  Why did they abandon their command line work?
Speak Up isn't ready - the date is 2005.
SpeakUp Modified http://speakupmodified.org/ - doesn't have it.
ZipSpeak - I can no longer find ZipSpeak on the Internet.
ADRIANE - not ready for prime time.
SUSE 7.0 supposedly shipped with a demo version of IBM TTS.  This is
the one I've never tried.
LinuxSpeaks http://www.joekamphaus.net/ - doesn't have it.

One longtime outstanding source for information BLINUX is gone

I understand that Lighthouse for the Blind in New York City is
starting a new project.

We have probably hundreds of people going in different directions,
most having abandoned their work, I'm sure that most abandoned their
work because they had no one to work with, but we have others entering
the attempt - but no one except for ORCA and ADRIANNE have come near.
Puppy Linux's Seeing Eye Puppy for the Blind alpha version works
somewhat also but due to manpower problems is only moving ahead like a
snail.  The email is working, the web browser is working, the scanner
and ocr works after some effort, the mp3 player works, but, alas, no

Then we have emacspeak which everyone say works wonderfully (and I
believe them) but you can't find even a small distro to run and
install with it working.

I really wish someone would clean out their system of personal files
and make an iso file!

This is very frustrating!  The people who have iso's available, their
iso's don't work.  The thing that works - emacspeak - doesn't have an
iso and so far I haven't found a distro that will work with it.  (The
documentation pages are helpful but contradictory at times)

The best distro was Oralux - it was near perfect.  The best without
emacspeak is INX - it is much better to use a console than graphical
user interface:  I'm getting tired of playing the computer game of
"Pin the Tail on the Donkey" done with a mouse.

Give me a keyboard, or give me frustration!

I just wish people would combine their work and get something that
worked "for the rest of us".  AFB or Lighthouse must have some money
to pay people to work together, don't they?  I'll contribute if they
finish Oralux and put in some (all?) of the things in the Puppy Linux
"Seeing Puppy for the Blind" project!

Any help or comments would of course be quite welcome.

Best to all,


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