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Re: Emacspeak on Ubuntu 8.10: best way to go about it?

David Ring writes:
> Sometimes this is given as the lines to add to /etc/profile
> export DTK_PROGRAM DTK_PROGRAM=name of speech server
Realize that the following two invocations are entirely equivalent:

Invocation 1:
export DTK_PROGRAM=whatever

Invocation 2:

A shell variable does not become an environment variable until you export
it, and there are two equivalent ways to do so.
Invocation 1 is a bit more compact.

> But no matter what variation I try in the /etc/profile file, I still
> get this error:
> /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers# tcl outloud
> Language Library not opened: enu50.so: cannot open shared object file:

You are within a hair's breadth of success.  The error messages tell me
that the outloud speech server  can't find Outloud's
shared libraries.

First we need to determine the location of enu50.so.
Type "locate enu50.so", and you should get a response like:
For the sake of explanation, I'll assume enu50.so is under
Replace that path with a different one if necessary.

Now we'll modify your LD_LIBRARY_PATH, so that the speech server can
find enu50.so.  Add the following to /etc/profile, or put it in your
personal profile.

if [ -z $LD_LIBRARY_PATH ]
then # LD_LIBRARY_PATH is empty, add one directory.
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/IbmTTS/lib
else # prepend a directory to the path

Log out and log in, so that the changes take effect.
Hopefully, it will work.

Good luck,
-- Chris

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