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Re: problem: emacs 23 and emacspeak 29, gnus 5.13 - reply with marked region

Dmitri Paduchikh <dpaduch@k66.ru> writes:

> Now when I have subscribed to this list I'm resending my message here.
> I think that this feature may not work because when you start marking
> region with set-mark-command, Emacspeak temporarily highlights the
> character after point in order to show point position, and this
> temporary modification deactivates mark. The feature works only with
> active mark.
> It is possible however to preserve mark active regardless of temporary
> changes in a buffer. For example how to do this please look at the macro
> save-buffer-state in font-lock.el. Besides preserving active state of
> the mark this macro performs another useful actions as well, like
> temporarily setting buffer-file-name and buffer-file-truename to nil.
> This prevents Emacs from checking whether visited file has changed on
> disk and asking unpleasant questions.

Thank You for the answer

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