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Compiling emacspeak under Ubuntu 9.04 with espeak


I've manage to get emacspeak-30 working in Kubuntu 9.04 (should be
same as Ubuntu 9.04) with the espeak speech synthesizer.  It's got
some goobers - the last word of a line is getting cut off, but it
mostly works.

The issues I ran into are all in the espeak server.  In several
places, g++ complains about char* needing to be const char *, and it
wont compile.  For some reason, when I compile tclespeak.cpp into
tclespeak.o, and then use libtool to creaete the .so file, it
complains that function main is not found, and needed by crt0.
However, if I compile and link tclespeak.cpp in the same command as
linking the .so, it works.

Is there anyone currently maintaining the espeak server in emacspeak?
Also, I'm only using espeak because it's the first one I could get
working.  What speach synthesis technology would you recommend I use


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