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Re: new user and troubles with espeak

Chris Brannon writes:
 > Alonzo wrote:
 > > Ok, well hopefully someone can tell me what to do. Flite is not very 
 > > good as far as speech is concerned. I use the reply all function of my 
 > > client, so it should be going to the list as well.

There are only two disadvantages of the flite+eflite combo for running
Emacspeak. The major one is that flite does not support voice locking,
that is the tone does not change when the properties of the words
being spoken are changed (eg. when reading a webpage, the links are
not discernible from the speech output). The other is that flite uses
the openss rather than alsa. But Lucas Lohrer has written scripts
which when compiled yield versions of flite and eflite which use
alsa. Thus auditory icons become available also. I have tried the
outloud speech engine but I found the speech rather sing-song and
nasal. But the gurus swear by this; so it may be my personal
idiosyncracy. You could get the ViaVoice for a nominal charge of
around $20  by purchasing Voxin. I have not yet tried this but it also
has Firevox (a voice enabled Firefox) in the package.

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