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Re: error trying to start under X

Hello Tim,

"Tim Cross" <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:

> Not sure if its relevant, but the options I use to configure for emacs 23
> from CVS are
> ./configure --enable-font-backend --with-dbus --prefix=/usr/local
> Not sure why you are excluding x-toolkit and scroll bars. Do you run emacs
> under X in a xterm rather than native X?

No, I run emacs from an .xsession file.  The last line is:

exec emacs --debug-init --fullscreen

Basically, this looks like running it from the console but the colors
are richer, which allows me to see a little more about what is going on.
It also allows me to run gui apps if necessary.  If I need a gui app
like firefox I open it from emacs.  The only reason I do this is because
I was/am having problems running youtube videos from m-player.  I have
no scroll bars, no menu bar, nothing but the main window and the
minibuffer on the screen.  I have no data to support leaving these out
making emacs any faster, but it seems to do what I want it to do.

As for your compile options, I did a little digging on emacswiki and it
says that the font backend stuff is enabled by default since March of
last year.  I used the same compile options I have always and the output
at the end of the configure says that dbus is enabled as well as
freetype and xft.

> Your CVS version also seems a little out of date. My version info is

Just updated and built.  I still have the same problem.  I thought
perhaps it had something to do with environment variables.  The last
time I built was under orca, from a gnome terminal which does not read
.bash_profile which is where LANG and the like are defined.  

Just to be sure, I re-built using --enable-font-backend.  Still no good,
resulting in the same error.

I also changed the .xsession file to run emacs with the -q option.
Everything started fine.  I then tried to load-file .emacs which gave me
the error "invalid-function charset-dimension".

Next I'm going to try a svn update of emacspeak and see what happens.
I'll keep the list posted.

Thanks to everyone for their help,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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