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Re: [VINUX] Re: Experimental Vinux Console Only Edition!

Dr. Bongo who has worked tirelessly on the Vinux distro for the blind (now based on Debian Lenny) has decided he has a *new project* - a console based distro.

My wish is for this to have emacspeak from Dr. T.V. Raman - the latest and greatest version from subversion installed on this!

It would also be my wish that Gilles Casse and other Voxin gurus (including Dr. Raman!) somehow install the structure needed so that when voxin IBM TTS is purchased it *fits right in* and is as near *plug and play* as possible.

If ANY of those addressed do NOT have Voxin IBM TTS (very inexpensive when purchased by www.oralux.org) I will buy ONE language for you if you want to work on this project.

Peter Garrett has produced a wonderful menu driven Ubuntu command line distro - INX - (It's Not X) which has most of the beautiful command line programs and is very easy to use.  Unfortunately for those who have difficulty with the screen, it is not equipped with speech.

I have tried to install emacspeak on Debian Lenny - and it seems it is incompatable!

If any are interested in helping with this excellent program, please contact Dr. Bongo at

Peter Garrett's menu driven INX system could allow the blind user who has NO experience with console to hear the menu if it could speak.

Dr. Raman's emacspeak is the Swiss Army Knife of computer programs - I don't think there is ANYTHING it cannot do.  It is a work of profound awesomeness!

Dr. Bongo's current Debian based Vinux 2.0 has speech, magnifier and accessible (via Orca) programs.

I know all of you are very busy, but I believe that such a distro could allow many of us who are not connected by computer to have such ability.

Many of you have email lists - I have intentionally NOT sent this to the email lists - if you think this project is worthy - as I hope you will - please send this message - or one of your own composition to YOUR lists.

I thank you for reading this - and I am praying that somehow a speaking menu front end linux distro for the blind will happen.

It would be amazing if we could:

Scan and OCR books, play internet radio, play DVDs (ogle does this - and can output video to the screen using framebuffer), CDs, mp3, etc.  send and receive email, browse the web (links2 does wonders!), and even Dr. Raman's amazing games!

Between all of you - you have it all.  it can be done.

I hope it will be done!

Respectfully yours,

David J. Ring, Jr.
Green Harbor, MA

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 3:53 AM, Tony Sales <vinux.development@googlemail.com> wrote:

Hi everyone, I am happy to include any text based applications in the
CLI version, so send in your suggestions. David - I tried to install
emacspeak but couldn't get it to talk - so if you know how to get it
working on Debian Lenny let me know!


On 9/24/09, mike <kb8aey@verizon.net> wrote:
> Maybe you can include dosemu if it isn't to much trouble. That will make it
> possible to play text based games and run other dos programs from linux.
> Mike.
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> From: "David Ring" <n1ea@arrl.net>
> Date: Wednesday, September 23,  at 8:08 PM
> To: vinux-development@googlegroups.com
> Subject: [VINUX] Re: Experimental Vinux Console Only Edition!
> Put links2 so we can run links2 -g graphics in framebuffer mode and pine (or
> alpine) and emacspeak (from subversion) and I will proclaim Vinux-CLI to be
> the "fairest distro in the land".
> For many it is easier to use a console rather than playing "pin the mouse
> arrow on the window".
> WoW  - what a great idea!
> David
> On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 5:16 PM, drbongo
> <vinux.development@googlemail.com>wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Our friend and colleague David "Jedi" Knight (and family) was involved
>> in a tag team wrestling match with a swarm of wasps at the weekend and
>> unfortunately lost the Yorkshire Wasp Wrestlers and Bee Boxing
>> Association Belt (lightweight) which had been in the family for
>> several generations, and while I am waiting for the next version of
>> the vinux build script (apparantly he can't type with his toes - what
>> a lightweight) I have been experimenting with building an experimental
>> console only version of Vinux which might interest the more
>> experienced and geeky users. So far I have managed to get everything
>> working using aptitude, I have installed and configured speech-
>> dispacther and network-manager etc and made a remaster which boots
>> fine, although i couldn't get it to install (I will have to listen to
>> Georgina's audio walkthrough again). Obviously this won't be of much
>> use or interest to beginners, but console users will find it very
>> stable and fast, and it would make a great base on which to build a
>> distro, given you already have a functioning system and speech etc. I
>> suppose it will be like GRML, except speakup will start automatically
>> and it will be based on lenny instead of squeeze on should be a bit
>> more stable. I am not sure how big it will be yet as this time I
>> installed xorg and fluxbox so i had a basic gui to fall back on if
>> everything went wrong. Obvioulsy if this was removed it would be a lot
>> smaller. I am thinking of making two versions one that literally just
>> had the basic system, speakup and remastersys on it, and a full CD
>> sized version which will be able to have loads of extra text tools
>> etc. I may of course leave fluxbox on there so that a sighted friend
>> would be able to help you in an emergency etc. This is not going to
>> replace the standard version, it is just an interesting little side
>> project - just to see if I could do it really, but i like the
>> results.
>> I will upload an experimental version if i can get the size down and
>> make it installable. Anyway i hope the wasps are feeling better, and
>> they don't let new found success go to their thoraxes and compound
>> eyes.
>> drbongo
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