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AsteR support for Emacspeak servers (was Re: TTS backends, documentation, API and openTTS)

Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> wrote:
> Excellent. Once the basic API has been documented and we get to the point of
> reviewing for refinements etc, your input wrt requirements for supporting
> aster will be very valuable. 

Thank you. I haven't started exploring the AsteR code much yet; my next task
is to follow Raman's advice and learn to define new text objects.

At some point it will need to be decided whether to retain as much of Raman's
code as possible and add Emacspeak speech server support to it (with #+ and #-
wherever needed), or whether to make more radical changes. From what little
I've read so far, there is already conditionally compiled code to make AsteR
run both under Clisp and under Lucid Common Lisp, and with either a DECTALK
Express or a DECTALK Multivoice. The only combination I can test is Clisp with
DECTALK Express, which happens to be the most relevant in 2010, so if the
others continue to be supported, I won't be able to find out whether I've
broken anything if I start making enhancements.

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