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Emacspeak webmarks

Hi All,

I was thinking about moving to the cloud for my web bookmarks and using google
via emacspeak-webmarks. However, I can't seem to get it working and wanted to
find out if others are using it and what I may be missing. 

Following Raman's instructions, I first try to login to google using the
xml-forms/glogin.xml. This doesn't appear to work. Instead of getting logged
in, I end up at a google login page. My account name/email is already entered
into the form. I enter my password and hit submit and I'm logged in, though I
don't know if this means the correct cookies etc are being setup. I do tick
the 'remember me' checkbox. 

I then attempt to add a bookmark via the xml-forms/bookmark-add.html form so
that I can get the zx parameter. However, this doesn't appear to work either.
I just end up with a google add bookmark page. I can add a bookmark via that
page, but have no idea where I'm supposed to get the special key parameter
that I need to set. 

Looking at the data in the google pages and the form data elements in the
xml-forms files, they appear to include additional/different parameters - the
glogin action form even references a different URL. 

What I'm wondering is if this functionality is either slightly broken because
of changes in google's front-end or if maybe there is some difference based on
geographical locale? I'm quite willing to look into things and make
adjustments to the forms if that is what is required, but figured if others
are currently using this functionality and have already made the changes, then
maybe someone could save me some time. 

Note that I have no problems with the g-client stuff, such as greader. 


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