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Emacspeak webmarks

This no longer works (emacspeak hookup to google bookmarks in the
cloud) the bookmarks API  changed --- was never official. No
immediate plans to  put back emacspeak support for it, existing
bookmarks work.

Best Regards,

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On 8/25/10, Tim Cross <tcross@une.edu.au> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was thinking about moving to the cloud for my web bookmarks and using
> google
> via emacspeak-webmarks. However, I can't seem to get it working and wanted
> to
> find out if others are using it and what I may be missing.
> Following Raman's instructions, I first try to login to google using the
> xml-forms/glogin.xml. This doesn't appear to work. Instead of getting logged
> in, I end up at a google login page. My account name/email is already
> entered
> into the form. I enter my password and hit submit and I'm logged in, though
> I
> don't know if this means the correct cookies etc are being setup. I do tick
> the 'remember me' checkbox.
> I then attempt to add a bookmark via the xml-forms/bookmark-add.html form so
> that I can get the zx parameter. However, this doesn't appear to work
> either.
> I just end up with a google add bookmark page. I can add a bookmark via that
> page, but have no idea where I'm supposed to get the special key parameter
> that I need to set.
> Looking at the data in the google pages and the form data elements in the
> xml-forms files, they appear to include additional/different parameters -
> the
> glogin action form even references a different URL.
> What I'm wondering is if this functionality is either slightly broken
> because
> of changes in google's front-end or if maybe there is some difference based
> on
> geographical locale? I'm quite willing to look into things and make
> adjustments to the forms if that is what is required, but figured if others
> are currently using this functionality and have already made the changes,
> then
> maybe someone could save me some time.
> Note that I have no problems with the g-client stuff, such as greader.
> Tim
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