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Re: google code issues for emacspeak

Hi Raman,

On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 07:23:32PM -0800, T.V. Raman wrote:
> I prefer issues by email here -- gives me a single place to
> check. I dont use the googlecode web site much -- I use svn from
> the shell/emacs obviously, and there isn't much else on the
> googlecode site that makes me want to go there via the browser,
> so I've never really used the issue tracker system.
> If you find it useful to post issues there --- might atract other
> linux developers like yourself, feel free to do so, but please
> copy them to the list so I see them too.
> -- 

Actually I don't mind sending them here on the list, I just noticed that
another gentoo developer posted an issue there and hasn't come here with
it so I didn't know if you knew about it.

It is a patch for emacspeak 33 which makes it build with emacs 24.

I will post it in a new message to start a new thread.


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