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Re: setting dtk-split-caps to off in a .emacs file

Alex Midence <alex.midence@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'd learned the names of the functions.  I just couldn't figure out if I
> needed to type setq or put an apostrophe before the parentheses, if
> indentation was a big deal in lisp as it is in python and so forth.  

Indentation doesn't matter to the Lisp interpreter, but it does to human
readers of your code.

If you're interested in Emacs Lisp, there is both tutorial-style and reference
documentation available from the Info documentation collection (C-h i).

Another approach would be to read a book on Common Lisp, then learn the
differences between it and Emacs Lisp.
"Practical Common Lisp" by peter Seibel is available online here, and I would
recommend it.

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